August 7  August 8  
August 9

8-10pm: Jam & Sip- R&B Jam

CALLING ALL MUSICIANS & ARTISTS Bring and share your talent in an explosion of cultural collaboration. Great drinks, fun, & music!

10pm-12am: The Chaos Theory- Funk / Jazz

The Chaos theory is a Jazz Fusion ensemble, borrowing elements from hard bop, free jazz and funk, amongst others, to create a sound that is fresh and contemporary. It is a collective cooperation where each band member contributes their own composition, so that the end result is the sum of their individual creative input.
August 10

8-10pm: Melanin Monday - Comedy Show

She loves a round bottom & he can't see any without his glasses! Vanetta Schoefield and Ishmael Gaynor make a great team, producing and hosting your favorite uptown comedy shows.
August 11

9-10pm: Real Stormin Norman - Jazz / Rock

Stormin’ Norman Zamcheck is a pianist, singer/songwriter and raconteur. He has been writing songs since he was old enough to pick out a tune on the keyboard and write down the lyrics on his mother’s linen napkins.During the course of his four-decade career, Norm has penned over five hundred musical compositions.
August 12

8pm-11pm: The Poet will be Televised- Poetry Showcase / Open Mic

For three years running, The REC (Royaltie Entertainment Company) has hosted the best poetry jam session in New York City! "The Poet WILL Be Televised!" will hold a special event on every second Wednesday at Silvana! Hosted by hip-hop artist Baxter P Wordsworth, "The Poet WILL Be Televised" pays homage to Gil Scott Heron, iconic for the world-renowned poem "The Revolution Will Not be Televised." We allow poets, spoken word and hip hop artists, and neo-soul singers to come together with a live band to improvise their written word in a new, fresh way. If you would like to perform during the open mic, please remember, TRACKS ARE NOT PERMITTED AT THIS EVENT! The live band will be happy to assist you in any musical stylings you may desire. For more information: For past episodes visit For music from The Poet:
August 13  August 14  August 15  
August 16  August 17

9pm-12am: Jazz in Harlem Late Night Series

a new monthly jam session at Silvana Harlem: The Jazz in Harlem Late Night Series. It will be the first Monday of every month! Monday April 1st I'm excited to be joined by Tuomo Uusitalo and John Sims. 9pm-12am!! Come play and hang!
August 18  August 19

8-10pm: Pumkin Escobar and Friends- Comedy

The finest FREE comedy show that NYC has to offer is BACK and here's where you can find out all about it! Show dates, lineups and goodies!

10pm-12am: Jamhattan - Jazz / Rock / Indie / Open Jam

Kenny Johnson and Luke Markham lead this monthly open jam. Every last Wednesday.
August 20

8-10pm: City Love NYC - Showcase

City Love NYC is a monthly showcase for up and coming artists to share their talent with others. Accompanied by a house band, the artists perform their original material along with covers creating a quality music experience! #citylovenyc
August 21  August 22  
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10pm-12am: Troy Weekes & Ji-Groove Band- Soul / Groove

The musical brainchild of two creatives, who’s love of God brought them together in Harlem, to form the band. Singer/Vocalist Troy Weekes Music is from Harlem, NY with Bajan and Puerto Rican roots. Ji-Kim is from South Korea, but shortly after birth, moved to Argentina where his musical quest was birthed. Coupled together with a backline of the best multiracial instrumentalist that New York has to offer.
August 29  
August 30  August 31

9pm-12am: The Jam Of Now - Open Jam Session

Danceable, rousing, and energetic, Jack Ross is all about fusing styles to create an unforgettable live show. The group displays virtuosic talent and precision musicianship. Drawing on his experience as a jazz, funk, and afrobeat drummer, Graham Doby (The Funk Ark, John Lee, John D'earth) formed Jack Ross almost immediately upon moving to New York City in 2014. The initial lineup – which included bassist Clint Greenlee, guitarist Brett Jones, and keyboardist Peter DelGrosso – wasted little time blending elements ranging from hip hop to math rock. With the addition of vocalist and frontwoman Noël Simoné Wippler, Jack Ross incorporated qualities of pop and soul to their sound, and new levels of fire and energy to their live performance.
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